Easy to carry pill-type, modern plant-based mineral Replan, humic shale minerals

Ancient plant-based minerals and
modern plant-based minerals
in a collaboration that transcends
time and space

This product contains an abundant blend of humic shale minerals (the shortcut to plant-based minerals) and the modern plant-based mineral Replan, which has natural reducing power.

New Package
※All other specifications remain unchanged.

Recommended to
- Support your diet
- Maintain youthful skin
- Provide easy intake of plant-based minerals
- Bring out your own power’s full potential
With the emphasis on food safety nowadays, we produce “HYBRID MINERAL AI ”, with its luxurious blend of plant-based minerals, at a factory in Japan under strict quality standards so that you can use it with peace of mind. The factory has obtained such qualifications and certifications as ISO-22000, GMP, and a carbonated beverage production license to ensure thorough safety and security. The people involved in these products from manufacturing through shipping all hope to provide you with health, smiles, and happiness by delivering these products to you.
Description Processed food containing plant-based minerals
Ingredients Organic fulvic acid mineral extract (humic shale-derived), plant-based mineral extracts (Carbonized seaweed-derived and carbonized plant derived), grape bud extract (contains Reservatrol), olive oil, gelatin, beeswax, glycerin fatty acid ester
Contents 28.8 g (480 mg x 60 pills)
JAN 4573175513133
Certificate of Analysis COA of JAKIM accreditation organization
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