• Quality of Life

    Our lives have become much richer than they were long ago. Now, as we are able to acquire all of the things we need, we must question our quality of life.
    To improve quality of life, we need to prioritize our health.
    This does not only mean having a sturdy body as it once did, but also “anti-aging”, or continuing to maintain a youthful appearance.
    “Disease control” to live healthily every day.
    There are a number of efforts underway to face the problems of our aging society.

  • Made with the latest technology Proteoglycan

    Among them, there are high expectations for the compound “Proteoglycan”.
    Proteoglycan is a complex carbohydrate that combines protein and carbohydrates.
    Many people are aware of collagen, hyaluronic acid, and chondroitin.
    It is comparatively easy to extract these compounds, so they are used in many products worldwide.
    Proteoglycan is even more effective than these compounds, but its complex structures make it difficult to extract, so until now we have been unable to mass produce it.
    However, thanks to technological advances brought to us by research and development over many days and nights, we have arrived at an era where Proteoglycan can be available to everyone.

Proteoglycan, the miracle compound

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The alkaline extraction technologythat produces high-purity Proteoglycan

Producing such excellent Proteoglycan used to be quite expensive, and there was no mass-production, so it was not commonly used.
The man who took up the challenge to mass-produce Proteoglycan was Mr. Yoshiaki Kudo of Biomatec Japan, our group company.

Mr. Kudo turned previously researched standards of acid extraction on their heads and discovered alkaline extraction, thereby succeeding in extracting Proteoglycan from the nasal cartilage of salmon.
He reduced extraction times from 3 days to 1 1/2 hours, and improved overall extraction purity from 20% to 90%.
Costs for this alkaline extraction method are only about 1/20th what they used to be. Overall this was a large leap forward in the practicality of Proteoglycan all at once.

The Biomatec Proteoglycan produced this way is internationally patented and the only alkaline extracted high-purity Proteoglycan in the world.