Khoáng chất từ diệp thạch mùn, Axit fulvic từ diệp thành mùn, dạng lỏng để sử dụng cho nhiều mục đích

Beauty oil that will give you moist, smooth skin according to your skin's condition and the season

Two kinds of moisturizing ingredients and five types of plant oil to comfortably moisturize your skin.

A layer of special water blended with moisturizing ingredients derived from natural yeast and the highly moisturizing proteogylcan and an oil layer mixed with 5 types of plant oil are blended at a 1:3 ratio. Its light feel was created based on the idea of ultra pure water and will make your skin moist and smooth.

Name: Proteoil
Ingredients: Jojoba oil (emollient), squalane (emollient), hazelnut oil (emollient), macadamia seed oil (emollient), argania spinosa oil (emollient), tocopherol (antioxidant), water soluble protoglycan (moisturizer), Saccharomyces Lysate extract (moisturizer), BG (moisturizer), water
Volume: 50mL
JAN code 4573175510026